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Can I click a button/object first, and then take a screenshot?
Why is my map so wide and only 1 level?
Can it crawl a password-protected WordPress site to generate the whole website map?
Why is my URL is not Validating?
What does 302 redirect status mean?
Can I resume/restart a crawl that has stopped?
Do you offer Interlinking data for pages?
How do I prevent & fix duplicate pages?
Why is my map different from the one I made in Screaming Frog?
Some pages are missing...why?
How can I share just specific maps with a client for feedback? And ensure others are not visible.
Why did my crawl only result in 1 page?
Why can't we crawl more than 3,000 pages per sitemap?
Can you crawl SPAs or Web Apps?
Can I crawl subdomains?
How can I ensure that my sitemap can complete crawling all the estimated pages even after I reached my plan's limits?
Can I reorder/reposition the pages of the sitemap?
Can I crawl more pages with deeper levels ( on running sitemap) once I upgrade?
I'm on the Freelancer plan, which comes with 3 users, does that mean that only 3 people can comment?
Why do I see fewer pages on my map than expected?
What do the PDF Exports look like?
Why was my Sitemap Paused?
Why do Estimate Page #'s differ from Crawled Page #s?
Do you offer discounts to Non-Profits/NGOs?
Do you offer discounts to Students?
How do I pause my subscription?
Can I buy power-ups to crawl more pages?
Can I crawl site larger than 50k pages?
Can I filter In & Out specific directories or keywords in a URL?
Can I just pay for a 1-time crawl?
Can I crawl a site behind a login/password-protected?
Can I restrict the crawl to just a part of a website?
Can I run multiple crawls at once?
If I upgrade, do I get to keep my screenshot credits from before?
Can I cancel my account at any time?
If I downgrade, do I get to keep my screenshot credits from before?
Will my data and crawls be saved after I Downgrade or Cancel?
Can I get a refund?
If I cancel before my plan ends, do I get a partial refund?
What happens when my running crawl exceeds my monthly plan? Does it crawl the site and not produce any screenshots or does the crawler just stop cold?
Why am I getting a "Crawl Failed - URL could not be processed" or 403/503, 5xx error?
Can I share my account with others on my team?
Where can I find my invoices?
Can I create multiple Workspaces and have different team members in each one?
Where is your GDPR page?
How can I export my sitemap?
Do you crawl responsibly?
Can I crawl a Web App?
Can I crawl a Native Mobile App?
Can I crawl a Sitemap.xml?
Can I invite a teammate to my workspace?
How do you process my credit card payment?
I deleted my Sitemap. Is it recoverable?
How Private & Safe is my data?
What is Over-Crawl Protection?
Can I edit and customize the sitemap after it is done crawling?
Do you offer Error Reporting?
Why haven’t I received a verification email to confirm my account?
What is your site-mapping structure based on?
Affiliates FAQs
Can I buy additional user seats?
What is crawling option is better? An OPEN Crawl or CSV crawl?
Why did my CSV crawl return a FAIL or Zeror results?
What is your Retention Policy?
I only see 1 page result on a Password-Protected Login Crawl