1. Your plan has hit its depth-limit:

    Free: 2-levels ( site.com/product/dog )
    Mini: 4-levels ( site.com/product/dog/small/terriers/ )
    Freelance/Team/Agency : no limits

    Remember: our crawler structure is based on the URL directory structure.

  2. Too many timeouts.

    "Timeouts" simply mean that our crawler had to wait a very long time to get your page to load, and in many cases, this data never came back, and when we retried it failed again.

    This can happen rarely from time to time based on either the internet traffic at the time and/or the site's server and its traffic + security.

Should this be the case? Simply wait a few minutes/hours or schedule a crawl in advance. If the issue still persists, please ping us on chat.

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