Today - there is only 1 workspace per account at this time.

However, very soon we will be launching PROJECTS.. to better organize your work!

v1 - will be basic, where all workspace members will have access to everything.
v2 - will have more user-level restriction controls.

Currently, our subscription model is tied 1:1 to a single workspace.

So we have agencies that buy different plans for various departments/teams and each one gets its own workspace. A user/admin can have many workspaces.

The project model will be a subset of the workspaces, to allow for greater refined organization of .. projects. Since one team can have many different projects.
So you can have something like this:

Workspace = CoolAgency-UX
---Projects = COKE
------Sitemaps =,

Now everyone in the workspace can crawl with no restrictions.

Hope that helps!

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