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Can I resume/restart a crawl that has stopped?
Can I resume/restart a crawl that has stopped?
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Sadly, no,
When you cold stop a crawl, it literally ends all crawling processes, and you can start editing the map from there.

Please note: that crawls will also auto-stop when they either reach their max-page limits ( set by you prior to crawling ) OR if you have used up all your monthly credits.

Crawls will also auto-pause when they reach the plan's Max Sitemap Size limit, giving you the option to upgrade to larger plans or buy more credits - that offers larger-sized maps.

To restart the crawl, you will need to create a new crawl with all the same configurations.

Pro Tip:

However, we recommend that instead of stopping the crawl, that you pause it.
Crawls that are paused, can be resumed 😃, and even have their Max-Pages/Depth adjusted.

More on this here >

*past screenshots created from previous crawls, will be counted against your monthly limits.

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