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How to use the Content & SEO Planner + GoogleDrive Integration
How to use the Content & SEO Planner + GoogleDrive Integration

Content planning made easy!

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Honestly we can't believe we didn't launch this earlier. What were we thinking!

At last you can now plan your SEO & content contextually within the sitemap itself on every page, as well as globally on the sitemap itself.

Site-Wide Planning

1. Go to the Sitemap > click the Doc icon

2. Enter your project details


Page-Level Content Planning:

1. Go to the sitemap view > click on any node > edit

The editable fields are:

Files ( *10mb limit / max 20 files per page)
SEO Meta Data ( Update: this data is now scraped by default! )
Internal Notes

*don't worry - this is not editing your LIVE site content, this is just for planning purposes.

(optional) Google Drive Integration

Google Drive Icons on Behance

Now you can attach Docs, Spreadsheets, or Slides into any single page. YES!

Great for Content & SEO teams to easily work asynchronously outside of our platform while you keep thing all organized within the sitemap/project!

1. Click to connect your Google Drive Account.
2. Import & Attach any doc.
3. Done!

Exporting All Content Data + Google Files

Other notable features: Light-mode Editor


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