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How to Edit a Sitemap
How to Edit a Sitemap

Powerful editing options for that perfect sitemap!

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Now that you've autogenerated your sitemap, and know what you have to work with... you probably want to start your planning process with our new Annotations feature.
After that, you are probably ready to create a better sitemap using the original one as a base. Here's how that works:

Play it Safe.
πŸ’₯ Before Editing..Start by Duplicating your sitemap.
Open the sitemap you want to edit..and click Clone button
located at the bottom footer.

Pro-Tip: Save Save Save.

*until we release our auto-save feature.

Full Feature List:

  • Replace & upload Screenshots

  • Drag n Drop pages & directories to create more optimal structures

  • Add & Delete Pages & Directories

  • Save & Share your new sitemap edits

  • Undo/Redo

  • Duplicate Sitemaps ( ideal if you wish to edit them and keep a master copy )

  • Team Collaborative Editing

Replace any Screenshot with a new version ( JPG, JPEG, or PNG )
*max 15MB

Rename any Page or Directory

Add New Pages or Directories
Rollover any node and click the + button to add either a new page or directory below or next to it.

Drag n Drop nodes and their children around for restructuring.

Duplicate or Delete any Page or Directory

Messed something up? ...just Undo & Redo!

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