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How to use Screenshot Annotations
How to use Screenshot Annotations

Collaborate and plan your content/features, by commenting on screenshots.

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Available only on all paid plans.

Select different comment types, add more people to the conversation or keep conversations private.

Adding Comments

To add a comment to a screenshot:

  1. Click on a screenshot.

  2. Find the right spot

  3. Add your brilliant ideas and click `Comment`

  4. @mention team members to send them an email notification.

Comment Types

PUBLIC - this is the default state.
PRIVATE - only your teammates can see these secret gems!
RESOLVED - woot! time to celebrate!

Sharing with Clients/Stakeholders

Any sitemap can be shared publicly along with the public comments.

Any viewers can add/delete/edit their own comments. ( signup is required )

If you wish to not show comments, just must mark each one as PRIVATE.

Comment List

Located on the top nav, this will show you all the comments for just that single sitemap, as well as the rest which can be filtered by All, Resolved, Unresolved Public, Private, . This list is viewable after you select a sitemap.
It will display all of the screenshots that have comments, filtered by type.

All new comments yet unseen will appear first, along with a notification on the nav.

Team Sharing, Privileges, and Notifications

Every team member can EDIT their own comments.

The account holder can EDIT and DELETE all member comments.

@mention members in the comment thread to send them an email notification.

If you create a comment or add a comment to a thread, you will get an email notification.

If a Collaborator ( aks "non-team member" ) adds a comment, all team members will get an email notification.

No Collaborator Limits!
You are not limited by your plan's user-limit for this feature ( learn more )

Email Notifications are customizable in your account settings!

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