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How to Create Automated Scheduled Crawls & Visual QA Comparisons
How to Create Automated Scheduled Crawls & Visual QA Comparisons

Get notified of any content changes to any public or private site! Keep design consistent, track competition, and gain market intel.

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πŸ’₯ Available only on Freelance, Teams, and Agency Plans.πŸ’₯

Whether you need to ensure design consistency from release to release, or simply keep tabs on changes to your competitor's site or market price updates.
This is the #1 feature for you.πŸ”₯
Let automation work for you!
Just setup a crawling schedule and our crawler will take screenshots of any public or private site on this schedule, our ai-will isolate the visual changes, and email them to you.

Start by creating a Crawling Schedule

1. Go to Scheduled Crawls in your Dashboard.

2. Enter all your crawling URL and settings ( don't forget our advanced settings )

3. Click Setup a Schedule

4. Enter the Schedule Configurations:

πŸ€– Ai-Powered Visual Comparisons (Optional)

As part of this scheduling process, you can optionally select to compare up to two of these crawls for any visual or scope changes using Ai πŸ€–.

a. Select your Comparison Type:
​Compare the latest crawl with the first available crawl
Your first available crawl is technically the oldest crawl available in your sitemap list. Therefore if you delete the first original one, it will compare the next oldest one, with the most current one created via the schedule.
​Compare the last (2) crawls
This will compare ... you guessed it.. the last 2 crawls created. Keep in mind if this is the first time you do a scheduled crawl, then naturally the first crawl will be used for the comparison. Then as you generate more crawls as time goes on, only the last 2 will be used.

b. Select your Pixel Sensitivity
Options are Low, Medium, and High.
​Example: - The main differences are:
1 - The Gradient ( yes it is different! )

2 - The CTA Button Label on mobile is different (Pay > Pay $14)
3 - The text on the main description is updated

Original Design:

​New Design:

​Difference (Sensitivity = Low)

Difference (Sensitivity = Medium)

Difference (Sensitivity = High)

c. Select users on your team to notify when there are visual changes
You have the option to select either yourself plus any other team member to receive these notifications of changes via email. Great for keeping tabs on consistency or changes to your competition/market.

☞ You can always Edit or Delete these scheduled crawls at any time.

Pro Tips:

1. You can Pause and Resume your scheduled crawls as you need.
When you Pause, your schedule will not initiate a crawl for you.

2. When creating a compared scheduled crawl, if you don't yet have a finished crawl of that particular URL, we will trigger one for you automatically.

3. Your scheduled crawls will be executed according to the timezone you have set for your user - in the user settings page.

4. Alternatively, you can also select two sitemaps to compare and generate the comparison manually.

Understanding Comparison Results

a. Passed pages are pages that are 100% visually similar, these pages are not displayed in your comparison result. Failed pages are pages that are less than 100% visually similar, you can browse these as you scroll down.

b. This section displays the screenshot of the page from the original crawl.

c. This section displays the difference between the original and the new screenshot.

d. Use the Toggle button to toggle between the difference image and the new screenshot.

e. This label displays how visually similar the current page is based on the sensitivity setting.

f. Click this button to go into fullscreen view.

g. Search your results. You can search for a specific word in the page titles or URLs.

Schedule Crawling LOGIC and Credit Expiration

Let's say you have tons of scheduled crawls running, which used up all your credits for the month, this is the logic that we use:

  1. we don't pause the schedule crawl.

  2. the sitemap get paused.

  3. we don't create any new sitemap for that domain until next month.

then... on the next month upon credit renewal:

  1. paused sitemap stays paused ( you can optionally resume this if needed )

  2. schedule crawl generates new sitemaps as planned.


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