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How to use Visual Comparisons /QA
How to use Visual Comparisons /QA

Visually compare design + scope changes between any 2 crawls of the same URL.

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πŸ’₯ Available only on Freelance, Teams, and Agency Plans.πŸ’₯

Whether you need to ensure design consistency from release to release ( ie staging vs live ), or simply keep tabs on changes to your competitor's site or market price updates.
This is the #1 feature for you.πŸ”₯

Our Visual AI compares between the same or (2) different URLs *new:

  1. Changes in Color

  2. Changes in Content

  3. Changes in Scope ( ie more or fewer pages )

We offer two methods of using this feature:

  1. Manually selecting 2 existing sitemaps that have already been crawled.

  2. Automatically via Scheduled Comparisons, when creating a scheduled crawl.

The Manual Way:

1. Select a URL as your baseline to compare by clicking the box in the "COMPARE" column.

2. You will notice right after a floating tray showing your selection:

3. Select a second sitemap to compare.
☞ You can only compare the exact same URLs

i.e, can not be compared with

4. Select Pixel Sensitivity
Options are Low, Medium, and High.
​Example: - The main differences are:
1 - The Gradient ( yes it is different! )

2 - The CTA Button Label on mobile is different (Pay > Pay $14)
3 - The text on the main description is updated

Original Design:

​New Design:

​Difference (Sensitivity = Low)

Difference (Sensitivity = Medium)

Difference (Sensitivity = High)

5. The results will show up in the Comparisons tab on your Dashboard:

Click View to see the side-by-side comparisons

6. The Comparison View

a. Passed pages are pages that are 100% visually similar, these pages are not displayed in your comparison result. Failed pages are pages that are less than 100% visually similar, you can browse these as you scroll down.

b. This section displays the screenshot of the page from the original crawl.

c. This section displays the difference between the original and the new screenshot.

d. Use the Toggle button to toggle between the difference image and the new screenshot.

e. This label displays how visually similar the current page is based on the sensitivity setting.

f. Click this button to go into fullscreen view.

g. Search your results. You can search for a specific word in the page titles or URLs.
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