💥 Available only on Freelance, Teams, and Agency Plans.💥

1 - Go to Scheduled Crawls ( top nav )

2. Enter all your crawling info.. ( don't forget our powerful advanced settings )

3. Click Setup a Schedule

4. Enter the schedule configurations:

5. Visual Comparisons (Optional)

As part of this scheduling process, you can optionally select to compare up to two of these crawls for any visual or scope changes.

  1. Select your Comparison Type:
    Compare the latest crawl with the first available crawl
    Your first available crawl is technically the oldest crawl available in your sitemap list. Therefore if you delete the first original one, it will compare the next oldest one, with the most current one created via the schedule.

    Compare the last (2) crawls
    This will compare ... you guessed it.. the last 2 crawls created. Keep in mind if this is the first time you do a scheduled crawl, then naturally the first crawl will be used for the comparison. Then as you generate more crawls as time goes on, only the last 2 will be used.

  2. Pixel Sensitivity
    Options are Low, Med, High.

    Example: Stripe.com

    The main differences are:
    1 - the Gradient ( yes it is different! )
    2 - the CTA Button Label on mobile (Pay > Pay $14 )
    3 - the Main Description Copy

Original Design:

New Design:

( Difference ) Sensitivity = LOW

( Difference ) Sensitivity = MEDIUM

( Difference ) Sensitivity = HIGH

3. Notifications of Visual changes:
You have the option to select either yourself plus any other team member to receive these notifications of changes via email. Great for keeping tabs on consistency or changes to your competition/market.

Note: you can always Edit or Delete these scheduled crawls at any time.

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