Whether you need to ensure design consistency from release to release, or simply keep tabs on changes to your competitor's site or market price updates.
This is the #1 feature for you.🔥

Our Visual Ai compares the following:

1 - Changes in Color
2 - Changes in Content
3 - Changes in Scope ( ie more or fewer pages )

We offer two methods of using this feature:

1 - Manually selecting 2 existing sitemaps that have already been crawled.
2 - Automatically via Scheduled Comparisons, when creating a scheduled crawl.

The Manual Way:

1. Select a URL as your baseline to compare by clicking the box in the "COMPARE" col.

2. You will notice right after a floating tray showing your selection:

3. Select a second sitemap to compare.
You can only compare the exact same URLs

i.e, stripe.com can not be compared with stripe.com/payments

4. Select Pixel Sensitivity
Options are Low, Med, High.

Example: Stripe.com - The main differences are:

1 - the Gradient ( yes it is different! )

2 - the CTA Button Label on mobile (Pay > Pay $14 )
3 - the Main Description Copy

Original Design:

New Design:

( Difference ) Sensitivity = LOW

( Difference ) Sensitivity = MEDIUM

( Difference ) Sensitivity = HIGH

5. The results will show up in the Comparison tab of your Dashboard:

Click View to see the side-by-side comparisons

6. The Comparison View

1 - Passed = 100% matched. ( color or content ) Failed = less than 100% matching.
2 - This is the baseline URL to compare with.
3 - This is the new URL to compare with ( Difference View is shown by default )
4 - Toggle between Difference and the New Screenshot
5 - Based on the sensitivity setting, this is the % of how close the match is.
6 - FullScreen View.

7 - Search ( uses Page Titles as the search term )

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