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How to use the map view
How to use the map view

The basics of map view's UX

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Main Options:

  1. Filter by Tags

    For when you only want to view the "Bugs" and "Important" tagged pages.
    learn more about Tags here

  2. Project Notes

    Capture top-level notes here using a powerful text editor

  3. Page Comments ( Annotations )

    Create threaded comments for your teams and clients on the screenshots.
    Learn More >

  4. Tree Layout: { Horizontal or Vertical }

  5. Map Structure

    We offer two ways for you to view the map structure:
    by /Directory/ or Referral Learn More >

  6. Expand / Collapse all pages

  7. Search Pages

    This shows a Grid view of results where you can filter by Title, Tags, and Batch Move, Tag, Delete pages Learn More >

Navigating around your map:

Panning Around

  • via your mouse or trackpad ( click + drag )

Zooming In/Out

  • via trackpad (2 finger pinch)

  • via mouse (1 finger scroll)

Page Types: Content Modified, External Page, No Changes

Collapsing / Expanding Directory Levels

Expand/Collapse a single Parent

Expand/Collapse All Nodes

View Single Screenshot > Click the Eye icon.

Drag & Drop Pages for reordering.

Pages can be placed either within other pages ( as children )

or repositioned Left < > Right of their siblings.

Share Map (publicly)

This will generate a public link to the map. Note: these URLs are not found by search engines.

Export Map as:
.zip(screenshots), PDF, JSON, CSV, XML ( for SERP )

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