Starting today, you can now see your map in either a /Directory/ view or Referral View.

/Directory/ View

This is the view which we originally launched with back in 2018!
We chose this view first, because it was visually very organized.πŸ€“

Example: ( the base URL you crawled )

will generate this tree structure:

However, one tiny shortcoming it had was that it was not an accurate representation of how users experience the site ( this is especially important for funnel-based sites ), which lead to maps showing a tree with many nodes on 1-level.

NEW πŸ’₯ Referral View

This new view will show you a parent < > child relational structure, based on a breadth-first method, which simply means that URLs will be linked from their 'first' link found during the crawl.

Example: has a link to shoes.html directly from the index.
But for SEO reasons, the URL was created like so:

The map would look like this:

We recommend that you switch between BOTH views to learn/see different aspects of the site.


Edits done in one view, will not affect edits in the other view.
(except for Adding New Pages )

2 - Sharing Maps
Today, if you share a public map, it will share the view you are currently viewing.

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