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How to use Custom Tags
How to use Custom Tags

Organize and group pages like a champ!

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Tags live in (two) places inside the Sitemap View:

1. The Tag Filter > top-right.

2. Applying Tags to Pages > bottom footer.

πŸ‘‰ Use this to isolate specific pages with only those tags you wish to see.

πŸ‘‰ Use this apply tags to any pages & directories.

Creating Tags.

1. Select dropdown All Tags > + Create New

2. Enter a label for your brilliant new tag ( You can make as many tags as you like )


Applying Tags.

*You can do this both in the Sitemap view and in the Search Results view


1. Select a single page, multiple pages, and/or directories.

2. Select the Tag Applicator at the bottom.

3. Select up to 5 different tags to apply.


EXPORTING PDFs w/ Tags!.. yes!

Tags inside Search Results View!

​Batch Adding Tags:

  1. Search for specific page titles

  2. Then batch-select the ones you want to add tags to.

Filtering Search Results by Tag(s)
1. select a tag(s)

2. results are shown:

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tips:
1. When sharing maps, only tags that are applied to the map will be shown.
2. Tags are global and therefore available across all sitemaps of your workspace.
* so be careful if you decide to delete any ;-)

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