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How to use FLOWs
How to use FLOWs
A primer on how to use our canvas
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So what can this be used for?
Solve Wars? No. Quit Smoking? No.
But it can, at least, allow you to brainstorm the ideal process and ignite that ๐Ÿ”ฅ.

Here are just some use-cases:

#Sitemaps, #UserJourney Maps , #Marketing Channel #Funnels, #Customer Acquisition Funnels, #Strategy Maps, #Product Development, #Customer Discovery, #UX Strategy, #Mood boards , #Brainstorms.

Let's Dive-in!

1. Watch our fearless leader's 3-min walk-through. Seeing is believing!

2. Start from Scratch using our Main Components:





Wireframes ( low fidelity )


3. or Start with our Core Blocks here. ( coming this week ! )
Instructions : Select any component or element > copy > paste it into your flows > ungroup it > edit as needed.

Some notable features:

Almost real-time collaboration.

Yes - you can work on it simultaneously, but you wont see your teammates cursor just yet!
**100% real-time collab is coming in v2.

  • Copy & Paste items aka "nodes" and images from other flows or from your clipboard.

  • Drag 'n Drop Images from your local file browser.

  • Share Flows with clients/teams:
    They can pan/zoom around. Comments coming soon!

  • Embed Flows anywhere!
    Why is this so damn cool? because you can constantly update your flow as-needed and wherever it is embedded it will instantly update too. Great for keeping documentation and clients up-to-date.

  • Light-mode!
    Sometimes the dark-side is too strong.

Demo Flow of a Basic E-commerce Funnel

Demo Flow of our Architecture

This week - We're making some pre-made templates for you to hit the ground running with.

Wait!! What about ICONS??
We've made some for you here.
More can be found on
Instructions : ( Select and icon > select format = SVG > download it to desktop > drag it into your Flow. ( Seamless integration is coming soon! )

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